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BT72 Dual USB Charging Smart Bluetooth FM Transmitter


MP3 Music Player Car Kit with 1.5 inch White Display Screen, Support Bluetooth Call, TF Card & U Disk


1. Bluetooth connection to listen to the song, the Bluetooth cursor starts to flash after power-on, the local FM frequency is adjusted to match the FM frequency of the car, the mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on, the device name a??BT72a?? is searched and the pairing is successful, the Bluetooth cursor stops flashing, the screen Display MP3 mode, at this time, the mobile music player is turned on, and the music inside the mobile phone can be wirelessly transmitted to the car audio player;
2. AUX FM listening song, through the audio cable, connect the AUX hole of the machine with the 3.5mm headphone jack of the mobile phone, adjust the FM frequency of the machine to be consistent with the FM frequency of the car, and the mobile phone music is transmitted to the car audio player;
3. Driving hands-free calling, ringing the call, automatically reporting, automatically suspending the music, hands-free call through the car audio
4. The navigation volume is enlarged, while listening to songs, navigating, charging, and automatically amplifying the volume of the navigation voice of the mobile phone, clear and sweet
5. Dual USB charging, 3.4A USB charging.
6. Readable TF card, support MP3 and WMA format files, can be used as a card reader
7. Full-frequency point transmission, 87.5-108.0MHZ, LED large screen, showing working frequency working status
8. A2DP function, full-duplex true stereo, automatic noise reduction, echo cancellation.

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