Portable UVC LED Light Sterilizer Disinfection Stick Lamp

Portable UVC LED Light Sterilizer Disinfection Stick Lamp


1. Portable UV LED light sterilizer, safe and convenient, bring a healthy life
2. Light weight, easy to carry, can easily be stored in a wallet, briefcase, handbag or suitcase
3. Usage: Turn on the sterilizing lamp and move around 3-8cm above the subjects / objects. It can accomplish sterilization within 10-20 seconds
4. Ultraviolet rays can destroy the molecular structure of microorganisms, thereby achieving the effect of rapidly killing pathogens, suitable for spring and autumn, and bacterial breeding season.
5. With the USB rechargeable design, the built-in lightweight 200mA battery, which is recycled, saves energy, and is eco-friendly.

1. Battery capacity: 200mah
2. Voltage: 2.7-4.2V / DC
3. Life time: 100 minutes
4. Beam angle: 120 degrees
5. LED particles: 2
6. Optical power: 10mw
7. Charging method: USB
8. Product size: 11.9×1.8x1cm
9. Weight: 50g
10. Applications: Tableware, glasses, mobile phones, toothbrushes, headphones, makeup tools, baby pacifiers, toys, etc.

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Qty per Carton 80
Carton Weight 17.20kgs / 37.92lb
Carton Size 52cm * 42cm * 36cm / 20.47inch * 16.54inch * 14.17inch
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